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Science Week

List of things to design on science week AY 2021-2022

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Business Planning

A formal written document containing the goals of a businesss, the methods for attaining these goals, and the time-frame for the achievement of the goals. How exactly do you start to plan?

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Books That You Must Read

Book recomendations to improve your knowledge

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How to absorb textbooks like a sponge

5 Things I wish I knew before (major School)

A day in the life of an IB student

Skills You Need to Master if You Want to Be a Public Speaker!

Everything you need to master will be discussed here

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The science of Medicine


The art of maintaining structure

Urban Planning

How to build a town?

Civil Engineering

How to build a road?


How do you understand social interaction?

Top 10 Art Universities

Providing a list of top 10 art universities recommended around the world…

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List of majors to avoid if you hate Science &

All you need to know and avoid before it’s too late

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What is The Best Major in 2021?

I have a lot of things in my mind but their all so confusing!!!

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